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Stacking Pennies

Synopsis: Stacking Pennies is designed to accent your spending habits without becoming a miser. There are no hidden philosophies – only the use of common sense. Today’s economy is soaring, and “making the best out of spending less” is the name of the game. One’s income may be sufficient. However, to increase income depends on one’s spending habits. Meaning, if you don’t know how to spend it, then you will always be broke.

Thesis Statement: The reader can expect that application of the knowledge will teach whatever one aspires to accomplish out of life can be easily achieved if one develops proper spending habits. Additionally, the message is to learn and understand the essential basics regarding money management. Most adults are missing the basic foundation when it comes to personal finance and how to spend money. This book is unique because it offers a straight and narrow pathway to success, prosperity and financial abundance through education on the basic principles of money management.

Target Audience: This book is recommended for youth (10 years of age and older) and adults. Children with bad financial habits eventually become adults with bad financial habits. Thus, parents should purchase this book and read along with their children to assist in the enhancement and development of a proper financial lifestyle and well-being. For adults, this book offers a basic understanding of simple money management.

Stacking Dollars

The ability to hold the world in the palm of your hands, mentally and financially, is obtained through a comfortable living. Professionals have stated: “To have peace of mind is knowing how to live comfortably with your budget and not your neighbor’s budget.” A well-chosen financial plan and guide will provide structure so that one can live life to his or her own choosing. Stacking Dollars teaches the key to a comfortable lifestyle is to know how to effectively manage basic finances – without regard to one’s current socio-economic status. There is a broad market and demand for self help books in the areas of family life, parenting, and human relations. Stacking Dollars is a combined self - help and how - to book, which is designed for the everyday person who is living from pay check to pay check, and who frequently asks the question: “Why is my bank account always overdrawn?”